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Belgium : gradual resumption of parcel delivery from France to Belgium on Thursday 26 November morning.
Italy: suspended delivery of some postal codes in Calabria.

Country specific information

Belgium : Following the previous suspension of the delivery of packages from France to Belgium, Colissimo gradually reactivates the delivery of packages from November 26. However, to streamline the routing and delivery of parcels on Belgian territory, we ask you to smooth out the delivery of parcels to Belgium over a few days and to ensure that you enter the recipient's email address.

Ireland: Parcel delivery times may be extended to Ireland due to increased volumes and the shortage of air transport, effective November 2.

Italy: Currently, our delivery partner BRT Bartolini is forced to temporarily stop its delivery service from the Catanzaro hub, located in Calabria in southern Italy, for the following codes: 87030, 87031, 87032, 87035, 87050, 88020, 88021 , 88022, 88024, 88025, 88040, 88041, 88042, 88044, 88045, 88046, 88047, 88049, 88050, 88051, 88054, 88055, 88056, 88060, 88062, 88064, 88065, 88067, 88068, 88010069, 88070 , 88835, 88837, 88838, 88841, 88842, 88900.
Packages destined for these postal codes can therefore be returned to the sender if they could not be delivered.

Overseas offer


Currently, airlines are strongly impacted by the drop in the number of travelers leading to a scarcity of air capacity. The Colissimo Outre-Mer delivery offer is still provided by air via existing commercial flights, but Groupe La Poste may use cargo flights or maritime solutions to serve overseas destinations.
To guarantee the delivery of your packages until December 24, consult the filing deadlines by department / territory here


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Non-mechanized parcels (> 20kg, atypical format, etc.) are now routed by sea and an extension of delivery times is to be expected (see below).

Delivery without signature in letterbox: disturbed

Delivery with signature: disturbed

Ad Valorem optional insurance: active
Tax and duty free: active

Colissimo Eco


Parcels in zone OM1 (Guadeloupe (including Saint-Barthélemy and Saint Martin), Martinique, Reunion, Guyana, Mayotte) are now transported by sea. Consequently, an extension of delivery times is to be expected.


Tax and duty free: active


Colissimo Return



Ad Valorem optional insurance: active

Colissimo Home

Delivery without signature in letterbox: active
Packages that enter a letterbox have a maximum size of 32 cm x 24 cm x 24 cm and do not require any physical contact with the recipient by being delivered directly to a standard letterbox.

Delivery with contactless signature: active   [more info here]

Ad Valorem optional insurance: active
Against reimbursement : active

France Metropole offer

Colissimo Point-Withdrawal

Delivery with signature: inactive
Modification of the parcel delivery process at a collection point by removing the signature by the recipient in order to guarantee the safety and health of all.

In post office: active
Network open to 100% of the 8000 post offices, postal agencies etc.

In merchant relay and Pickup lockers: disturbed
Network open to 70% of the 9,600 local shops and automatic withdrawal lockers.


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