Asus ROG Theta Electret

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ROG Theta Electret Gaming headset with ASUS Essence electret transducer, neodymium woofer, high-fidelity sound, boosted bass, built-in microphone and cross-platform compatibility (PC, console and mobile devices)

  • Ultra-realistic sound, boosted bass: first gaming headset with dynamic Electret transducer
  • Copper wire, silver plated for faithful reproduction of high frequencies
  • Microphone optimized to clearly transmit your communications on TeamSpeak and Discord
  • Metal-surrounded earphones and headband for better heat exfiltration and increased durability over the long term
  • ROG Hybrid ear cushions with inverted “D” letter design and breathable fabric cover; suitable for eyeglass wearers for better comfort of use

The audiophile gaming headset. Immersion guaranteed.

The ROG Theta Electret is an innovative gaming headset equipped with an Electret transducer and an Essence woofer with sealed acoustic chamber that deliver exceptional sound quality. It immerses you in the heart of your games and helps to create a link with your music of the moment. It is also fully compatible with analog-to-digital converters and sound amplifiers. Designed for audiophiles of all walks of life and attentive to detail gamers, the ROG Theta Electret doesn't compromise on quality - it delivers high-level sound and a fully immersive experience all in a highly rugged design.

Silver plated copper wire
for a clearer sound

ROG Theta Electret features silver-plated copper wire that enhances sound clarity with a larger soundstage and exceptional sound image. Unlike conventional audio cables, the ROG Theta Electret cable reduces power loss by preserving high frequencies from the source for high-level audio performance.

Microphone with boosted performance

ROG Theta Electret features a detachable, unidirectional microphone specially designed to create crystal-clear communications between gamers. Signal diversion technology eliminates distortion in voice chats while the intuitive control button on the earpiece lets you mute your microphone without interrupting the game.

Cleverly designed comfort

ROG Theta Electret offers optimal user comfort and noise isolation with ROG Hybrid earpads. Designed with a new softer material, these pads are covered with a breathable fabric and 100% protein leather which further enhance the comfort and insulation of the helmet. Said breathable material reduces the heat emitted during long gaming sessions by 25%. The ear cushions also feature an exclusive design in the shape of an inverted “D” letter with a clamping force allowing the helmet to be adjusted perfectly. For players who wear glasses, the pads feature a pressure reducing design that eliminates the feeling of discomfort that may arise. This once again improves your gaming and / or entertainment experience.

  1. Exclusive ASUS Hybrid ear cushions more comfort and insulation.
  2. Specially designed breathable material so that the user does not get hot in the head when playing for a long time.
  3. Pressure reducing material for spectacle wearers.
  4. Ergonomic design in the shape of an inverted "D" letter for a more comfortable experience.

Two textures, two different sensations

ROG Theta Electret comes with two types of ROG Hybrid earpads so you can choose which ones are right for you. One of the two pairs features protein leather and breathable mesh fabric, which is both fine and soft, perfect for everyday wear. The second pair is thicker, but incorporates more breathable fabric for better comfort, ideal for a game marathon.

Interface Wired
Support platform
Nintendo Switch
Circuit material
Neodymium magnet
Circuit size 120 mm electro-static driver 45 mm neodymium magnets driver
Headphone impedance 32 Ohm
Listener frequency response 20 ~ 40000Hz
Microphone directivity
Microphone sensitivity -40 dB
Microphone frequency response 100 ~ 10,000 Hz
Noise-canceling microphone with AI No
Active noise cancellation No
Channel Stereo
Aura Sync No
Foldable No
Weight 555 g
Transport bag / box No
Additional pad Yes
Color Black
Cable 3.5mm cable: 1.5m 3.5mm audio / mic splitter cable: 1.2m
Accessories Detachable microphone ROG Hybrid ear cushion 3.5mm audio / mic splitter cable User guide

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