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HP Care Pack for Z2 G4 - 3 Years on-site replacement

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Designation: HP 3y Nextbusday Onsite/DMR WS Only supp Personal WS z2xx/z4xx Series 3/3/3 wty
Description: Electronic HP Care Pack Next Business Day Hardware Support with Defective Media Retention - Extended maintenance contract - parts and labour - 3 years - on-site - 9x5 - response time: NBD - for EliteDesk 705 G4, 800 G4; EliteOne 800 G4; Workstation Z1 G5, Z1 G6, Z2, Z2 G4, Z4 G4
EAN code:
Manufacturer guarantee: 12 Months Back Workshop Guarantee
Service included: Parts and labour
Place of intervention: On-site
Total contract term: 3 years
Response time: Next business day
Service availability: 9 hours a day / 5 days a week
Service and maintenance: Extended maintenance contract - parts and labour - 3 years - on site - response time: NBD - availability: 9 hours a day / Monday to Friday
Preservation of defective media - 3 years
Compatibility information
Designed for: HP EliteDesk 705 G4, 800 G4
HP EliteOne 800 G4
HP ProDesk 400 G4
HP Workstation Z1, Z1 G2, Z1 G3, Z1 G5, Z1 G5 Entry, Z1 G6, Z1 G6 Entry, Z2 G4, Z2 Mini G3 Entry, Z2 Mini G3 Performance, Z2 Mini G4 Entry, Z2 Mini G4 High Performance, Z2 Mini G4 Performance, Z2 Mini G5, Z220, Z230, Z238, Z240, Z4 G4, z400, Z420, Z440, Z640

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